Friday, January 8, 2010

Writer to Writer--Cecil Murphey's New Blog

Cecil Murphey, well-known author and one of the compilers of "Christmas Miracles" has a new blog aimed at providing expert advice and instruction for writers at any level.

From "The Twila Zone", (via Cecil Murphey's January Newsletter)
"After much prodding, I’m happy to announce that Cec is finally bringing his wisdom gained from years of writing to the blogosphere. This week we launched

If you are a writer, you might want to follow Cec’s posts.

When Cec first started writing, he made a double commitment to God and to himself: 1) he would never stop learning, and 2) he would do whatever he could to help other writers. Writers will appreciate Cec's new blog."

Writers, bloggers, authors (published and unpublished), journalists or anyone with an interest in the craft of writing you owe it to yourself to take a look at this wonderful resource.