Saturday, November 14, 2009

From contributing author Geni White

I'm doing a book signing tomorrow (Nov. 14) at a bazaar for the Camp Fire Girls. I'm really excited about this.

Every other Wed. I go to our hospital's cancer center for chemotherapy. When the beautiful postcards arrived, I gave one to every staff person there. Now they say, "We know someone famous!"

I tell them, "Not really", but now I'm always greeted by name when I arrive. SO fun.

My brother also has a story in the book, but he's shy, so he gave me half of his postcards. I've had a delightful time passing all these out.

I bought forty copies of the book and am giving one to each person who's been involved in my cancer care! What a joyful thing for me!

Thank you to Cec, to Marley and to St. Martins Press for creating such a lovely, well-written book.

Geni White, RN, MS

Contributor of 'Hunger at Christmas

Psalms 90:17 Establish the work of our hands, O Lord

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